Platinum Limited Edition Nice Lilas 3776 Century Demonstrator Fountain Pen

    From  $200.00$235.00
    A follow-up to the highly popular Nice and Nice Pur 3776 fountain pens, the new Platinum Nice 'Lilas' (French for lilac) Demonstrator Fountain Pen with pink gold metal trim, pale pink body and solid gold, rose  ...
    Platinum Kanazawa Ascending Dragon 3776 Century Fountain Pen

    From  $360.00$423.00
    Platinum announced the second pen masterpiece by the 17th century Japanese artist, Sotatsu Tawaraya, rendered in delicate Kanazawa-haku gold leaf, Ascending Dragon, inspired by the artist’s ‘Unryu-zu  ...
    Platinum Modern Maki-e Brush Pens
    From  $52.00$61.10
    Artists, calligraphers or anyone who wants to add creative flair to their writing or drawing will enjoy the new Maki-e Brush Pen from Platinum. It uses fountain pen ink and fills easily using a cartridge or a  ...
    Platinum Ink Cartridges
    From  $7.00$8.23
    Platinum helps you save money with their 10 packs of fountain pen ink cartridge refills. With three different color ink options to select from, it's easy to add your unique style to your next signature or  ...
    Platinum Brush Pen Tip Refill
    In Stock!
    From  $18.00$21.15
    Platinum Brush Tip  ...
    Platinum Fountain Pen Converter
    In Stock!
    From  $7.55$8.87
    Go from cartridges to bottle ink refills with the Platinum Fountain Pen converter. Designed to fit into most Platinum fountain pen models, this converter will provide you with years of smoother, more fluid writing  ...