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    • Monteverde Mountains Of The World Ballpoint Pen

      Monteverde Mountains Of The World Ballpoint Pen

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      Monteverde will take your writing to new heights with three unique additions to its Mountains of the World collection. The awe-inspiring peaks are captured in exclusive hand-made European resins with high-gloss ...
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    • Montegrappa Game of Thrones Ballpoint Pen
      With its epic storylines of treachery and nobility, family and honor, ambition and love, and death and survival the hit HBO® series Game of Thrones has captured the imagination of fans globally and made it one ...
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    • Cross Peerless TrackR Ballpoint Pen
      Introducing the world’s first writing instrument with TrackR technology. This stunning jewelry-quality writing instrument features a custom internal TrackR tracking device that allows you to easily locate it ...
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    • Fahrney's Exclusive Parafernalia Lo Pas Ballpoint Pen
      Style, elegance, and creative genius are combined with talent and traditional Italian craftsmanship to create a single work of art; the 'Lo Pas,' a unique and unmistakable pen! With a stylistic concept from Lopas ...
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    • Graf Von Faber-Castell Intuition Lines Ballpoint Pen

      Graf Von Faber-Castell Intuition Lines Ballpoint Pen

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      Hone in your writing power with the Graf Von Faber-Castell Lines Intuition Ballpoint Pen. The high-gloss resin surface catches the eye immediately, radiating an intensity that gives the pens their appealing aura. ...
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    • Kaweco Classic Special Polished Brass Ballpoint Pen
      With its octagonal profile following the drafts of Kaweco, the new Classic Special Brass fits sleekly in ones hand and combines technique with classic design. The natural metal that is machined and polished to ...
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      $75.00      $88.13
    • Fisher AG7 Stealth Black Titanium Nitride Astronaut Space Pen
      The new Fisher AG7 Stealth Ballpoint Pen is an old classic with a stylish new look - plated in sleek black titanium nitride, increasing its resistance to scratching and giving it a stealth-like look. In 1967, ...
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    • Caran d'Ache Ecridor Mini Retro Ballpoint Pen
      Caran d'Ache brings you the popular silver-plated Ecridor ball pen in a mini-size that fits just about anywhere! Perfect for organizers, briefcases, pockets, purses, golfbags - you name it. The hexagonal barrel is ...
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      $136.00      $159.80
    • William Henry Chablis Twist Ballpoint Pen
      These Limited Edition William Henry Chablis ballpoint pens are refined and sophisticated featuring beautiful woods and other extraordinary materials that are the hallmark of William Henry's work. Sporting a new ...
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      $395.00      $464.13
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    • Pelikan Ductus K3100 Silver Ballpoint Pen
      As a modern interpretation of the Pelikan traditional striped design, the Pelikan Ductus K3100 Silver Ballpoint Pen offers uncommon materials and singular appeal. You will fall in love at first sight - or first ...
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      $392.00      $460.60
    • Porsche Design Tecflex Steel and Gold Ballpoint Pen
      Like the legendary sports cars, the Porsche Design precision-engineered writing instruments include sleek, curved styling and extreme comfort as standard features. The barrel design is based on actual TecFlex ...
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      $352.00      $413.60
    • Graf Von Faber-Castell Tamitio Ballpoint Pen

      Graf Von Faber-Castell Tamitio Ballpoint Pen

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      Enriched with extraordinary nuances, the Graf von Faber-Castell Tamitio Ballpoint Pen shows how the culture of writing can be. Each of the slender writing instruments express pure elegance. The ...
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    • Lamy 2000 Ballpoint Pen
      Almost every European collection of modern design includes the Lamy 2000 Ballpoint Pen. The 2000 still offers the style, comfort and performance that have made it popular since its introduction in 1973. ...
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    • Visconti Back to Black Michelangelo Ballpoint Pen
      Visconti celebrates the 16th-century Italian genius Michelangelo – painter, sculptor, architect, poet, engineer and true Renaissance man. The pen’s ‘genius’ 18-sided design represents the ...
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    • Cross Tech 2 Marvel Super Heroes Ballpoint Pen
      The new Cross Marvel Century II and Tech 2 Collections celebrate three of the most iconic Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America. Each of these fine writing instruments ...
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    • Viscontin Special Edition Manhattan Ballpoint Pen
      New York has always been a creative source for Visconti: fans of the brand will recall the Wall Street series of 2003, and the first Manhattan model from 1994. Inspired by the shapes of skyscrapers like New ...
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    • Aurora 88 Black Satin Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen
      An unforgettable Italian writing instrument from the 1950s, the legendary Aurora 88 maintains a cult status among fountain pen aficionados. Designed by Marcello Nizzoli (who also designed the iconic Olivetti ...
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      $265.00      $311.38
    • Montegrappa American Dream Ballpoint pen

      Montegrappa American Dream Ballpoint pen

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      Montegrappa presents an ‘American beauty’ exclusively for the U.S. market - the American Dream collection. No matter what your political persuasion or ethnic background may be, the fact is we all are ...
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