Fine Lighters

  • Dupont Black Lacquer and Palladium Line 2 Lighter
    The modern mix of authentic Chinese black lacquer and palladium is extended to the classic S.T. Dupont Line 2 lighter - a worthy accessory to the stunning Dupont writing instruments. ...
    Price$1,480.00Save:$296.00 (20%)
    $1,184.00ex VAT      $1,391.20inc VAT
  • Dupont MaxiJet Lighter
    Make a powerful statement with these red hot new accessories from the French luxury goods maker, S.T. Dupont! The MaxiJet lighter will be your constant companion with its blue jet flame that never flickers. Its ...
    Price$200.00Save:$40.00 (20%)
    $160.00ex VAT      $188.00inc VAT
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  • Dupont Premium Armors Of Tomorrow Black Matte Lighter
    Fasten your helmets – S.T. Dupont's new Armors of Tomorrow limited edition plunges us headlong into the world of science fiction! The collection is a tribute to futurism and the pioneering use of a ...
    Price$520.00Save:$104.00 (20%)
    $416.00ex VAT      $488.80inc VAT
  • Colibri Monza I Lighter
    The Colibri Monza I Lighter features a single-action ignition with a wind-resistant blue jet flame. Its black Pachmayr finish is accented with anodized metal in red, blue, black, silver or yellow. The butane level ...
    $59.00ex VAT      $69.33inc VAT
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  • Dupont Limited Edition Premium Line D Meteorite Lighter
    Once again, S.T. Dupont has accomplished the extraordinary by creating the first writing instrument on the planet handcrafted from a meteorite. Composed of crystallized iron and nickel unknown on earth, this ...
    Price$1,780.00Save:$356.00 (20%)
    $1,424.00ex VAT      $1,673.20inc VAT
  • Dupont Ligne 2 Premium White Knight Lighter
    S.T. Dupont's latest limited edition collection, White Knight, pays tribute to the nobility of soul that drove the knights of yore, drawing inspiration from the strength, splendor and sophistication of their ...
    Price$2,700.00Save:$540.00 (20%)
    $2,160.00ex VAT      $2,538.00inc VAT