Pelikan Limited Edition Pens

    • Pelikan Limited Spring and Autumn Maki-e Fountain Pen
      Pelikan's latest Limited Edition Maki-E Fountain Pen, 'Spring & Autumn' features cherry blossoms and maple leaves drawn on the pen's cap and barrel. Gold leaf is employed to create three traditional Japanese ...
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    • Pelikan Eternal Ice R640 Rollerball Pen

      Pelikan Eternal Ice R640 Rollerball Pen

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      There is no place more spectacular than the Arctic North Pole and Antarctic South Pole. Discover the beauty of nature with Pelikan's Special Edition Eternal Ice R640 Rollerball Pen! Pelikan celebrates the beauty ...
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    • Pelikan Eternal Ice K640 Ballpoint Pen
      Explore the beauty of nature with Pelikan's Special Edition Eternal Ice K640 Ballpoint Pen! Pelikan celebrates the extraordinary Natural Phenomenon Series - Eternal Ice. The Pelikan Special Edition Eternal Ice ...
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    • Pelikan Toledo M910 Black and Silver Fountain Pen
      Pelikan’s Limited Edition Toledo M910 Black-Silver Fountain Pen is hand-crafted using a technique adopted in 1931. The Toledo 910 Black-Silver features an intricate sterling silver overlay hand-carved using ...
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    • Pelikan Limited Edition The Statue of Zeus Fountain Pen
      Just 20 years after the Temple of Zeus was finished in Olympia, the monument “The Statue of Zeus” was erected inside it. The Greek sculptor Phidias created the 13-meterhigh colossal statue between 438 ...
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