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  • Parker Sonnet Cisele Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen
    Parker's most popular Sonnet finish is the sterling silver grid pattern known as Cisele. The Parker Sonnet Cisele Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen is a perfect blend of contemporary and timeless style. ...
    Price$265.00Save:$53.00 (20%)
    $212.00ex VAT      $249.10inc VAT
  • Waterford Beaumont Rollerball Pen
    The new Waterford Beaumont collection will transport you to the Victorian era of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Its decidedly masculine look in warm tones of polished tortoise resin is enhanced with a steampunk-style ...
    Price$115.00Save:$17.00 (15%)
    $98.00ex VAT      $115.15inc VAT
  • Pelikan Souveran 805 Stresemann Anthracite Rollerball Pen
    As foreign minister of the Weimar Republic, Gustav Stresemann (1879- 1929), was honored with the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1926, acknowledging his diplomatic work between the nations after World War I. Beyond his ...
    Price$465.00Save:$93.00 (20%)
    $372.00ex VAT      $437.10inc VAT
  • Visconti Jacques de Molay Knights Templar Rollerball Pen
    Visconti’s Jacques de Molay commemorates the 700th anniversary of the death of the last Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar. The Templars’ legendary white surcoat emblazoned with a red ...
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  • Monteverde One Touch Stylus Tool Inkball Pen
    The Monteverde Tool pen brings you nine tools in one quality writing instrument! The heavyweight, six-sided barrel features an ultra-sensitive touch screen stylus on the top. Under the stylus is a screwdriver with ...
    $45.00ex VAT      $52.88inc VAT
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  • Omas Bologna Burkina Rollerball Pen

    Omas Bologna Burkina Rollerball Pen

      Exclusively available in the US through Fahrney's Pens
    This Omas Bologna Burkina celluloid rollerball is exclusively available in the US through Fahrney's Pens, and at an incredible price, for a very limited time! Beholding the fascinating snake-like pattern celluloid ...
    Price$595.00Save:$268.00 (45%)
    $327.00ex VAT      $384.23inc VAT
  • ACME Karl Zahn Designed Hatch Anti-Bacterial Rollerball Pen
    ACME worked with the designer Karl Zahn to create the 'Hatch' Rollerball Pen, taking advantage of the innate properties of brass and its remarkable ability to self-sterilize. Within hours of contact with the brass ...
    $104.00ex VAT      $122.20inc VAT
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  • Monteverde Limited Edition Rose Gold Regatta Rollerball Pen
    The new Regatta Sport Limited Edition celebrates 10 years of the exceptional yacht-inspired design. The 10th Anniversary Regatta Sport features a highly- polished rose gold finish that highlights the complex weave ...
    Price$110.00Save:$11.00 (10%)
    $99.00ex VAT      $116.33inc VAT
  • Lamy Al-Star CopperOrange Rollerball Pen
    Lamy's new 2015 special edition Al-Star is a knock-out in bright CopperOrange! The limited production fountain pen, ball pen and capped rollerball give you the writing comfort and dependable performance that make ...
    $42.00ex VAT      $49.35inc VAT
  • Dupont Streamline R Rollerball Pen
    S.T. Dupont has combined French excellence with legendary 1930s’ American design to create a new luxury pen: the Streamline-R. Sure to thrill connoisseurs of art and the art of writing, the collection ...
    Price$760.00Save:$152.00 (20%)
    $608.00ex VAT      $714.40inc VAT
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  • Retro 51 Playing Card Tornado Deluxe Rollerball Pen
    They'll get the royal treatment when you give the Retro 51 Playing Card Tornado rollerballs! The Tornado Deluxe rollerballs are lacquered with the iconic King, Queen, Jack, Ace and new Joker ...
    $25.00ex VAT      $29.38inc VAT
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  • Aurora Ipsilon Resin Rollerball Pen
    Few pens engrave as well as the Aurora Ipsilon Resin, making it a terrific choice for personal or corporate gifts. Vibrantly-colored resin barrels are enhanced with gold-plated clip, rings and an all new, ...
    Price$110.00Save:$16.50 (15%)
    $93.50ex VAT      $109.86inc VAT
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  • ACME Crayon Retractable Rollerball Pen
    Add some fun color to your daily writing with ACME's 'Crayons'! Conceived by the designer and ACME founder, Adrian Olabuenaga, the Crayon rollerballs are part of ACME Studio's Collezione Materiali series. The ...
    $37.00ex VAT      $43.48inc VAT
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  • Retro 51 Vintage Metalsmith Tornado Deluxe Rollerball Pen
    Inspired by our country’s leaders and historical icons, the Antique Metalsmith Tornado Deluxe rollerballs feature metal barrels with unique finishes. Betsy is screen printed with the original U.S. 13-star ...
    $35.00ex VAT      $41.13inc VAT
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  • Delta Hippocratica Rollerball
    The Fahrney's Exclusive Hippocratica Rollerball is turned by hand from solid bars of special red and blue resins: all trimmings are in special metal alloy and are plated with precious rhodium. The top of the cap ...
    Price$450.00Save:$90.00 (20%)
    $360.00ex VAT      $423.00inc VAT
  • Dupont Limited Edition Neoclassique Rolling Stones Rollerball Pen
    S.T. Dupont celebrates the rock 'n roll legacy of the Rolling Stones with its newest limited edition collection. Inspired by the British Invasion of Mick, Keith & company, the collection is crafted in Dupont ...
    $2,100.00ex VAT      $2,467.50inc VAT
  • Montegrappa DC Comics Super Heroes Rollerball Pen
    Holy smokes! Montegrappa presents a new series sure to delight any comic book fan – the DC Comics Heroes & Villains writing instruments. Officially licensed by DC Comics, the new series features four of ...
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