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    Aurora Roma Vermeil Trim Ballpoint Pen

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    Product Description

    Aurora Roma Vermeil Trim Ballpoint Pen
    A Special Edition series dedicated to the most beautiful Italian cities, the Aurora Roma Vermeil Trim Ballpoint Pen is devoted to some of the most important monuments of the Capital, represented on the caps with rose vermeil (sterling silver-plated). "Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome" - Robert DeNiro.

    Aurora Roma Vermeil Trim Ballpoint Pen Features:

    • Dedicated to some of the most important monuments of the Capital
    • Devoted to the most beautiful Italian cities
    • Caps with decorations rose vermeil
    • Arches and vaults represented on the center ring
    • Special edition series
    Rome: Colors and Symbols
    The coat of arms of the City of Rome consists of a purple gothic shield on which a Greek cross is represented in the top left followed by SPQR (Senatvs PopvlvsQve Romanvs: the Senate and the Roman people, the figures representing the power of the Roman Republic) placed diagonally.

    Mythology and Ancient Rome
    Particular of the ring with the name of the collection, "Roma" and the she-wolf which according to mythology found and took care of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome. Among the details represented the Colosseum: the largest amphitheater in the world and the most imposing monument of ancient Rome that is still visible today. It is one of the best known symbols of the city of Rome and Italy. It was used for gladiatorial shows and other public events. The arches and vaults that characterize it are also represented on the center ring.

    The Mouth of Truth enjoys legendary and ancient fame; it is consistently mentioned among the Roman curiosity and frequently reproduced in drawings and prints. According to the legend, it was built for the use of husbands and wives who had doubted the loyalty. A lot of tourists wait for having a picture with their hand in the "magic" mouth to prove their loyalty and honesty. The Spanish steps are a famous church in Rome overlooking the famous steps of Piazza di Spagna. The elegant case is in leatherette outside and inside grey velvet to emphasize the red of the precious pen.

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