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    Delta Maya Limited Edition Silver Rollerball

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    Sorry! This item is no longer available.
    Product Description

    Delta Maya Limited Edition Silver Rollerball
    The Delta Maya Limited Edition Silver Rollerball honors the Mayan Civilization, and is the 8th edition of Delta's Indigenous People series. The Mayan civilization began around 2,000 B.C. in the Yucatan Peninsula and Central America and is regarded as one of the most sophisticated ancient cultures.

    The Delta Maya Silver Rollerball is hand-turned from bars of blue and red resin - colors commonly used by Mayan Warriors as body paint. The solid silver accent band is decorated with motifs from Mayan potter. The pen clip represents a clay flute called Chililihtli. On the crown is a depiction of the Mayan calendar. The Maya Limited Edition Silver rollerball can be converted to a ballpoint pen with a refill change.

    The Delta Maya is also available in a special edition vermeil fountain pen, vermeil Non-Stop rollerball or limited edition silver fountain pen. Each Maya pen is limited to 800 pieces worldwide.

    Additional Information
    Regarded as one of the most sophisticated of ancient cultures, the Mayans built magnificent cities and were advanced in astronomy, math and languages. Mayan hieroglyphic writing is a constant source of wonder to scholars, as is the advanced calendar system they developed to keep track of days and foresee the future. The Maya famously predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012 A.D. Although conquered by the Spanish by the 1600’s, Mayan culture still exists in languages spoken by some six million people.

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    "I have a Dupont Rollerball-Ballpoint from Fahrney's and LOTS of cartridges bought a few years ago.  The Best pen I ever bought.  They sure have turned Fahrney's Pens into a friendly place:  Easy to navigate their website, lightning fast web responses for Email prices and super easy to get along with operator. They are informative and friendly even if a person buys nothing." - Verified Buyer, May '17