Dupont Cufflinks

  • Dupont Limited Edition Rolling Stones Cufflinks
    Fans of the world's greatest rock band will appreciate these limited edition Rolling Stone cufflinks from S.T. Dupont. The palladium-plated cufflinks are engraved with the famous Stones' 'Tongue and Lips' logo, ...
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  • Dupont Fire Head Cufflinks
    The new Dupont Fire Head Collection - the Birth of a New Iconic Design, is a tribute to the universal symbol of fire. The triangle made of 6 triangular facets, this new pattern is velvety to the touch, contrasting ...
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  • Dupont Marvel Limited Edition Tony Stark Cufflinks
    The new Iron Man/Tony Stark collection from S.T. Dupont highlights the dual character of the world-famous charismatic superhero from the Marvel universe. The elegant sharpness of Tony Stark, and the futuristic ...
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    $434.00      $509.95
  • Dupont Limited Edition Premium Phoenix Renaissance Cufflinks
    One might almost believe that the mythological Phoenix has been watching over S.T. Dupont ever since it was founded in 1872. It offered its wings to the master goldsmiths to adorn their hallmark and instilled in ...
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    $529.00      $621.58
  • Dupont Fender Guitar Pick Cufflinks
    Fender was founded by Leo Fender in 1946, just as S.T. Dupont was inventing the first luxury lighter. Its meticulous craftsmanship has made it one of the most renowned brands in the world. To this day, the ...
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    $283.00      $332.53
  • Dupont Conquest of the Wild West Premium Cufflinks
    The Old West. The source of a million stories, and the start of the American Dream: that fame and fortune awaited those who made the journey across the desert. At its heart was a single image: the pioneer on ...
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    $445.50      $523.46