Fine Money Clips Customer Comments"I purchased 3 BEE inspired items. A pen, pen case and thank you notes. All 3 were exceedingly unique and clever. The whole process took me less than 5 minutes to choose, order and seal the deal. I love Fahrney's Pens." - Verified Buyer, Sept '21
Fine Money Clips

Fine Money Clips

  • This new sterling money clip features an authentic late 1800s Morgan Silver Dollar - a stately, collectible coin if there ever was one! Minted from 1878-1904, the Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most famous and ...
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  • Giuliano Mazzuoli extends its Officina line by introducing three unique gift accessories. The cutting-edge design of its Officina writing instruments are based on tools used in Mr. Mazzuoli's grandfather's bicycle ...
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  • Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was a Mexican painter best known for her self-portraits and her use of traditional folk art icons within her celebrated works. Among those is the colorful 'sugar skulls' that are made as ...
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  • ACME Studio puts the works of noted 20th century designers into your hands with an artful collection of accessories. One of the favorites is the Blueprints motif by the Russian architect, Constantin Boym. The ...
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  • This authentic American Eagle Silver Dollar Money Clip is delicately hand-painted and fired by a family of artisans. Each clip is a miniature work of art. The face of the coins are protected with layers of clear ...
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  • A slim, weekender Money Clip/Wallet made of black leather with a historic 1909 Lincoln penny mounted in the clip. This wallet has 2 slots on then back and an inner pocket with room for up to 6 credit cards. The ...
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  • The William Henry Limited Edition Zurich ‘Raven’ is a beautiful money clip featuring a frame in hand-forged 'Brain Wave' damascus by Chad Nichols, inlaid with carbon fiber and a blazing red topaz. The ...
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  • The William Henry Limited Edition Zurich ‘Cache’ Money Clip features a frame in hand-forged 'River Rock' damascus by Chad Nichols, inlaid with 10,000 year-old fossil Woolly Mammoth tooth, and diamond. ...
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  • The Zurich ‘Tucson’ features a frame in hand forged 'T-Rex' damascus by Delbert Ealy. The inlay is 'Zinc Matrix' Kingman turquoise, punctuated with a white topaz gemstone.. The clip is machined and ...
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