Krone Fountain Pens

  • Krone Spark Limited Edition Fountain Pen
    The Krone Spark limited edition fountain pen has a totally unique, textured barrel and cap in 925 sterling silver. The Spark gives the illusion of a hammered finish, but is actually smooth to the touch. The ...
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  • Krone Limited Amelia Earhart Fountain Pen
    Krone pays tribute to Amelia Earhart, the adventurous pilot, activist, and champion of aviation with this stunning limited edition fountain pen, crafted in a unique, herringbone-patterned celluloid in slate blue ...
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    $2,329.00      $2,736.58
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  • Krone Limited Sigmund Freud Fountain Pen
    The Krone Sigmund Freud fountain pen celebrates the father of psychoanalysis with this magnificent limited edition pen. Its large, abalone barrel is hand-painted in fine detail with a dreamscape depicting aspects ...
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  • Krone Limited Edition Audubon Fountain Pen
    The Krone John James Audubon fountain pen honors the man and his passion for birds with a striking series. The 925 sterling silver cap has a unique feather pattern etched in high relief. Hidden inside the flip-top ...
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  • Krone Limited Edition Galileo Fountain Pen
    The Krone Galileo writing instrument honors the achievements of Galileo, a mathematician, astronomer and inventor. The hand painted midnight navy cap radiates color from cosmic orange to celestial gold. Atop the ...
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  • Krone Limited Edition Tarzan Fountain Pen
    The Krone Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan pen honors one of the greatest fictional writers of all time with an outstanding, handcrafted writing instrument. The cap is meticulously hand-painted with a leopard design. ...
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  • Krone George Washington Limited Edition Fountain Pen
    On April 30, 1789, George Washington stood on the balcony of the Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York and took the oath of office as the first President of the United States. President Washington set the ...
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  • Krone Wimbledon Limited Edition Fountain Pen
    For over 130 years, the name Wimbledon has been synonymous with the world’s ultimate tennis championship. Krone presents its Limited Edition writing instrument honoring Wimbledon, its long tradition and the art of ...
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  • Krone Napoleon Limited Edition Fountain Pen
    The Krone Napoleon pays tribute to the legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte. Although widely considered one of history's greatest battle strategists, the reforms instituted by his Napoleonic code still reverberate today. ...
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  • Krone Galaxy Fountain Pen
    The fascinating new Krone Galaxy embodies one-of-a-kind Italian resins with contrasting sterling silver rings for an Art Déco appeal. Handcrafted using traditional techniques from the 1930s, Galaxy offers a ...
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