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    • Retro 51 Limited Edition Breakaway Popper Tornado Rollerball / Ballpoint Pen
      It’s been called the world’s sport, and for good reason with over 240 million people playing it regularly. In homage to what Americans call soccer and these rest of the world calls football, Retro 51 ...
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    • Montblanc Writers Series Honoré de Balzac Ballpoint Pen
      Montblanc's Honoré de Balzac Ballpoint Pen's main inspiration for the design of the Writers Edition comes from the Dandyism of 19th century European society, epitomized by the aesthetic decadence and ...
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    • Aurora America Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen
      Aurora dedicates its newest limited edition collection to the Americas - the long-awaited sequel to its Continents of the World series. Like Afrika, Asia and Europe before it, America is a sublime creation by the ...
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    • Montblanc John F Kennedy Limited Edition 1917 Ballpoint Pen
      Montblanc's John F. Kennedy Limited Edition 1917 celebrates one of the great passions of the revered former president's life: maritime navigation. The John F. Kennedy Limited Edition 1917 makes allusion to this, ...
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    • Montegrappa Limited Edition Pelé P-10 Ballpoint Pen
      To keep the excitement high, in the year when all the eyes of the world will be focused on Brazil for the FIFA World Cup™, Montegrappa is paying homage to another Brazilian hero: Edson Arantes do Nascimento ...
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    • Montegrappa Limited Edition Gavio Khalil Gibran Ballpoint Pen
      The Montegrappa Genio Creativo Kahlil Gibran is a tribute to the great Lebanese poet and his masterpiece, The Prophet. The rich, dark blue resin pens are accented with palladium and feature a clip in the form of a ...
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    • Montegrappa Limited Edition Sophia Loren Ballpoint Pen
      Montegrappa's popular Icons Collection of writing instruments pays tribute to global personalities who have achieved greatness in a variety of fields, including music, cinema and sport. Previously released pens in ...
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    • Stipula Limited Edition Galileo Ballpoint Pen
      Stipula honors Galileo Gallilei, the remarkable Italian astronomer, mathematician, philosopher and the father of modern science, with a truly unique and intriguing limited edition writing instrument. Stipula knew ...
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    • Lamy 50 Limited Edition Scala Glacier Blue Ballpoint Pen
      This LAMY Scala Glacier Limited Edition unites the sophisticated optics of matte metallic sky-blue lacquer finish with a laser engraving on the cap “LAMY 50”. The design is purist as always, masterly ...
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    • Lamy 50 Limited Edition 2000 Black Amber Ballpoint Pen
      The success story of the Lamy brand began 50 years ago with the Lamy 2000: the model created by Gerd A. Mu¨ller in 1966 established the clear and functional design which still defines the style of Lamy ...
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    • Tokens and Icons Winter Classic 2010 Boston Ballpoint Pen
      The Winter Classic is rapidly becoming the nation’s premier hockey event, held once a year at an outdoor stadium. The transparent pen is sculpted from the actual plexiglass rink used at the 2010 Classic held at ...
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    • Dupont Limited Edition Grand Prix Checkered Flag Streamline R Ballpoint Pen
      An homage to the highest class of auto racing, the new S.T. Dupont Racing Machine limited edition is inspired by the Formula One circuits and the emblem of victory: the checkered flag. Sure to thrill connoisseurs ...
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    • Dupont Limited Edition Star Wars Streamline R Ballpoint Pen
      The S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Star Wars Collection is inspired as much by the light side as by the dark side of the Force, both of which maintain a permanent equilibrium. The spirit of the Jedi and the Sith has ...
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    • Caran d'Ache Limited Edition Oberalp Ballpoint Pen
      The Caran d'Ache Oberalp Limited Edition pays tribute to the Alpine spirit which is inseparable from Swiss identity. This is part of the aesthetic continuity of the limited editions devoted to 'La Poya' and 'La ...
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    • Esterbrook Charles M. Schulz Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen

      Esterbrook Charles M. Schulz Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen

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      Charles M. Schulz, legendary creator of the iconic Peanuts comic strip is paid tribute with the release of a new Limited Edition Collection by Esterbook, the pen brand used exclusively by Mr. Schulz to draw his ...
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    • Cross Limited Edition Townsend Star Wars Rollerball / Ballpoint Pen
      Cross proudly introduces two new characters to its Townsend Star Wars Limited Edition Collection. Inspired by beloved droid R2-D2 and the new fan favorite BB-8, each Townsend Star Wars writing instrument is ...
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    • Dupont Limited Edition Line D Fender Ballpoint Pen
      Fender was founded by Leo Fender in 1946, just as S.T. Dupont was inventing the first luxury lighter. Its meticulous craftsmanship has made it one of the most renowned brands in the world. To this day, the ...
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