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Montegrappa Fountain Pens

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  • EXTRA OTTO SAPPHIRUS L.E. Throughout the ages, aesthetes have been captivated by lapis lazuli and its heavenly appearance. Now this semi-precious treasure provides a spectacular casing for the Extra Otto: a ...
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    $2,640.00      $3,102.00
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  • The success of Montegrappa’s James Bond 007 Spymaster Duo Limited Edition has inspired the new 007 Special Issue - an open-edition fountain pen and rollerball series that places new emphasis on ...
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    Price$1,295.00Save:$130.00 (10%)
    $1,165.00      $1,368.88
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  • Introducing the Montegrappa Venetia  Marshmallow Limited Edition. T his US-exclusive is evocative of all the things we love about marshmallows and is limited to 150 pieces. The  snowflake white ...
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    Price$495.00Save:$198.00 (40%)
    $297.00      $348.98
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  • Harry Potter: Platform 9¾ returns to the origins of the Harry Potter story. The mythical platform at London’s Kings Cross Station is a location that resonates with all fans of the famous franchise. ...
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    Price$595.00Save:$119.00 (20%)
    $476.00      $559.30
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  • The Montegrappa Magnifica is a fully original design that revisits flourishes from the past, while improving on them with modern materials and multiaxial milling. Offered as an open-edition fountain pen, ...
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    Price$450.00Save:$45.00 (10%)
    $405.00      $475.88
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  • Montegrappa Armonia Fountain Pen

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    In Italy, the name ‘Armonia’ represents the ideal marriage of form and function, with balance, harmony and flair! Montegrappa presents the new Armonia – a harmonious writing instrument with a ...
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    Price$195.00Save:$19.50 (10%)
    $175.50      $206.21
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  • The new NeroUno Linea is an evolution of the NeroUno series that adds contemporary and innovative details. Preserving Montegrappa's original octagonal shape, the refined matte resin finish has a unique ...
    Price$750.00Save:$150.00 (20%)
    $600.00      $705.00
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  • Montegrappa Monte Grappa 14K Nib Fountain Pen

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    For more than a century, Montegrappa has been manufacturing high-quality writing instruments in the same historic building in Bassano del Grappa in Northern Italy. As penmanship and the act of writing on paper ...
    Price$695.00Save:$139.00 (20%)
    $556.00      $653.30
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  • Montegrappa marks the century since the end of the Great War with a new limited edition, Mia Carissima. For Montegrappa, the occasion is particularly moving, for it knows that soldiers sent handwritten ...
    Price$1,750.00Save:$175.00 (10%)
    $1,575.00      $1,850.63
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  • Representing the intricacies and complexities of the Iron Throne itself, Montegrappa’ s artisans have fashioned a cap formed of overlapping swords representing the seven kingdoms. Their hilts rise above the ...
    Price$4,900.00Save:$980.00 (20%)
    $3,920.00      $4,606.00
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  • A tribute to the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death Montegrappa announces its first Ultimate Craft limited edition – LEONARDO DA VINCI. This historical personality, who needs no ...
    Price$2,995.00Save:$449.00 (15%)
    $2,546.00      $2,991.55
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  • Montegrappa Elmo Fountain Pen

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    Montegrappa is best known for designing pens beyond the fantasies and budgets of the average handwriting enthusiast, but the Italian company’s latest release sees a return to its modest roots and the vision ...
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    Price$250.00Save:$50.00 (20%)
    $200.00      $235.00
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  • State-of-the-art technology meets classic design, heritage materials and imaginative presentation in the new Mia Carissima Ebonite. Based on the same WWI-era model that gave life to 2018 Montegrappa Mia Carissima, ...
    Price$2,600.00Save:$520.00 (20%)
    $2,080.00      $2,444.00
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  • The second edition in the coveted Warriors series has arrived at the frontline, ready for battle: Viking is available to ship from October 2019. Viking is the follow-up to the award-winning Samurai, the flagship ...
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    Price$18,500.00Save:$3,700.00 (20%)
    $14,800.00      $17,390.00
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  • Montegrappa Limited Edition Duchess of York Fountain Pen  As a brand that has made its name creating pens for the rich and powerful, Montegrappa is no stranger to royalty. Montegrappa was delighted to ...
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    $1,916.00      $2,251.30
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  • Montegrappa ZERO Fountain Pen

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    Zero is the new signature family of Montegrappa writing instruments built in Italy and designed for bold innovation. Modern and muscular, the Montegrappa Zero resets the rules of writing instrument styling. ...
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    Price$495.00Save:$99.00 (20%)
    $396.00      $465.30
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  • Eye of Sauron The sequel to Montegrappa’s spectacular Lord of the Rings is here.  The arrival of this new, open-edition model offers an inclusive price and a discreet, contemporary silhouette. Its ...
    Price$550.00Save:$110.00 (20%)
    $440.00      $517.00
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  • A century of kinship continues. Montegrappa’s celebration of Ernest Hemingway’s life enters a new chapter. Behold the magic of Africa – a continent that entranced one of the 20thcentury’s ...
    Price$3,995.00Save:$400.00 (10%)
    $3,595.00      $4,224.13
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