Stipula Limited Edition Pens

    • Stipula Limited Edition Galileo Ballpoint Pen
      Stipula honors Galileo Gallilei, the remarkable Italian astronomer, mathematician, philosopher and the father of modern science, with a truly unique and intriguing limited edition writing instrument. Stipula knew ...
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    • Stipula Fahrney's Exclusive 85th Anniversary Earl II Fountain Pen
      Fahrney’s presents its third 85th Anniversary limited edition of the year – the ‘Earl II’, conceived and produced by our Italian friends at Stipula. Our original idea was to create a pen ...
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    • Stipula Limited Edition Prisma Etruria Rainbow Fountain Pen w/ T-Flex Nib
      The Etruria vintage collection is most associated with the Stipula name, a reference to its land of origin, the region of Tuscany or 'Etruria' as it was known in ancient times. The color and detail that ...
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