William Henry Limited Editions Customer Comments"I love writing with fountain pens and you maintain a great collection. Keep up the good work!" - Verified Buyer, Sept '21

William Henry Limited Editions

  • The William Henry Limited Edition Zurich ‘Raven’ is a beautiful money clip featuring a frame in hand-forged 'Brain Wave' damascus by Chad Nichols, inlaid with carbon fiber and a blazing red topaz. The ...
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  • The Cabernet 'Acorn' features an intricate barrel of acorn caps in black acrylic, and a light structure in aerospace grade titanium and aluminum. The accents on the carbon fiber cap are in mokume gane and ...
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  • The William Henry Lancet Overlook Knife features a mesmerizing frame in 24K gold Koftgari (the ancient Indian technique of inlaying gold and/or sterling silver in tool-steel), inlaid with snakewood. The blade is ...
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  • The Cabernet 'Spiral' is a beautiful rollerball pen featuring a full body in 24K gold koftgari, titanium, and carbon fiber. Koftgari is the ancient, and almost forgotten, Indian technique of inlaying gold and/or ...
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