Item Reviews for: Porsche Design Tec Flex Steel Ballpoint Pen  -  270
Porsche Design Tec Flex Steel Ballpoint Pen
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If you like Porsches, you need this pen

By: Mister Car Guy      Submitted: 9/1/2014


Overall This pen has been in production several several years and made by at lest two different manufacturers - both German, of course. The current pen maker, Pelikan, is doing a fine job keeping the quality top notch. Porsche race cars have braided steel surrounding the brake lines to protect them for the rigors of track action and to add strength, like a steel mesh vest surrounding each flexible line. This pen's design celebrates Porsche's ling and successful race history. Despite the lack of a regular clicking mechanism on the top, it "clicks" like a regular pen. That's a very clever design. While it's not an inexpensive pen, like the Porsche car it shares its name with, it is a high quality and, in my opinion, represents good value. What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I am a Porsche owner and fan of the marque. Having this pen in my pocket reminds me that these cars are beautiful, fast and exciting. How much more can you ask of a pen from that?