Platinum Pen Refills

  • Platinum Classic Permanent Bottle Ink 60ml
    Platinum adds some intrigue to your writing with its new Classic Inks! Using a traditional manufacturing method that produces true colors (rather than mixing inks), Platinum Classic Inks will change color as they ...
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  • Platinum Rollerball Pen Refill
    Platinum Rollerball Refills are available in three different ink color options. Purchase multiple rollerball cartridges today and save money on future shipping ...
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  • Platinum Fountain Pen Converter
    Go from cartridges to bottle ink refills with the Platinum Fountain Pen converter. Designed to fit into most Platinum fountain pen models, this converter will provide you with years of smoother, more fluid writing ...
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  • Platinum Ink Cartridges
    Platinum helps you save money with their 10 packs of fountain pen ink cartridge refills. With three different color ink options to select from, it's easy to add your unique style to your next signature or ...
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  • Platinum Ball Pen Refill
    Platinum Ball Pen Refills can be utilized for the Platinum brand as well as other ball pens. The Platinum refills offer you very convenient and reliable daily usability and are available in a variety of colors. ...
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