Pineider Customer Comments"I was looking for a retirement gift for my General Manager. I wanted a personal gift not a company gift and decided upon a nice pen. This site was the easiest to use and better pricing, fast delivery." - Verified Buyer, Feb '20


Since 1774, Pineider represents the Excellence for handmade products in terms of paper, writing instruments and leather goods. The brand's prestige, marked by an exclusive as much as exceptional heritage, has accompanied traditions, events and trends regarding not only the Italian and European history, but it has also related to each of our personal stories, always keeping a careful look upon contemporaneity and continuously willing to bring innovation.

Artisanal savoir-faire, uniqueness, tradition and design are the historical values ​​that make Pineider an exclusive brand worldwide.
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Pineider Honeycomb Rollerball - Black

This pen comes with a Pineider leather single pen case.
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