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    • Italic Calligraphy Book By B. Getty and I. Dubay
      Learn the pleasures of italic lettering and make your handwriting stand out from the ordinary! Our new book, Italic Calligraphy, is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to calligraphy for students of every age. ...
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    • Book Italic Letters By B. Getty and I. Dubay
      Originally published by Van Nostrand Reinhold in 1984, this revised edition provides for the self-teaching of four italic scripts. The first three--basic italic, formal italic, and chancery italic--are fairly ...
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    • Exaclair Introduction To Calligraphy
      Use this Calligraphy Lettering Set to expand your italic writing skills, design your own stationery or create one-of-a-kind invitations. Nine classic lettering styles are displayed on 10” x 13” practice cards ...
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    • Pilot Parallel Calligraphy 3 Pen Set
      The Pilot Parallel is a fantastic set that lets you express your style and creativity in a multitude of sizes, colors and shapes! A major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design, the Pilot Parallel has a special ...
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    • Learn World Calligraphy Book
      Learn World Calligraphy has something for everyone. Whether you want scholarly insight, artistic inspiration, classroom projects, or a theme for your next party, this comprehensive, unparalleled full-color book ...
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    • Exaclair Calligraphy Practice Book
      Combined an introduction to calligraphy with practice pages to master the basic strokes. The notebook includes a history of calligraphy, description of tools and lettering ...
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    • Write Now DVD
      The authors of 'Write Now' present a new companion DVD to demonstrate their simple techniques to achieve distinctive and legible handwriting. A great tool for parents, teachers, students and others interested in ...
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