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Namiki Yukari Maki-e Fountain Pen

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Namiki Yukari Maki-e Fountain Pen
The Namiki Yukari Collection vividly expresses the natural world of Japan using ancient Maki-e techniques such as Togidashi-Taka (burnished-raised Maki-e) and Raden (mother-of-pearl), with Urushi lacquer and gold and silver dust. Each motif is painstakingly handcrafted: Pine Needles, symbolizing endurance and eternity; Healing Herbs, to ward off evil spirits; and Rock Garden, a symbol of tranquility. Yukari pens are sized for comfortable, everyday writing and evoke Japanese beauty in every detail including a two-tone 18K gold nib with Mt. Fuji logo. As always, the artists’ signature in kanji is an integral part of the design. Presented with a bottle of ink in a traditional wood box.

These Namiki Yukari fountain pens promise to charm both pen cognoscenti and art collectors alike. The designs inspired by Japan’s picturesque landscapes are intricately handcrafted on the barrels using the traditional Maki-e technique. The Seki-tei (Rock Garden), Kusu-dama (Healing Sphere) and Matsu-ba (Pine Needles) pens have been painstakingly crafted using the millennium-old method of Maki-e that encompasses the creation of patterns and decorations with the use of sap from the Japanese lacquer tree (Urushi) onto which gold and silver dust is sprinkled before it dries.

The Rock Garden features flecks of gold and silver powder sprinkled on a base coated with black lacquer represent pathways amongst the rocks while the dark background evokes tranquility of the sanctuary. Imagery of the rocks are accentuated by the Togidashi Maki-e technique where gilded patterns are dried, re-coated with urushi, and finally burnished to give a high sheen using charcoal.

The Healing Sphere is inspired by an old Japanese tradition that dates back to the 900s or early 1000s, where the colourful Kusu-dama were hung up in bedrooms or on curtains to ward off illnesses and evil spirits. Aside from the Togidashi-Hira Maki-e technique, the Raden technique is also used - the extraction of stratum from various shells which are then artfully altered and secured with Urushi lacquer on the barrel, adding a touch of iridescence to the vibrant colors.

The Pine Needles, a symbol of endurance and eternity in Japan, is also created using the Togidashi-Hira Maki-e technique. The golden pine needles shine brilliantly against the midnight black background. Vivid flecks of Raden float gracefully beneath the pine needles, adding a touch of beauty and elegance.

The Namiki Yukari collection features a precision 18K gold nib with rhodium accents and a piston ink delivery system, ensuring first-class writing quality and long-lasting performance.

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