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Esterbrook JR Paradise Key West Fountain Pen

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Product Description

Esterbrook JR Paradise Key West Fountain Pen
Esterbrook JR Paradise Key West Fountain Pen

Key West remains one of those mythic destinations for Americans. The southernmost part of the lower 48, more Bahamian than Floridian, its lush, dotted landscape evokes a sense of wonderment for those who visit. Because of this, it may be no surprise that many people over the years have settled in Key West, finding a peaceful place to sit at one’s desk and enjoy the view from their window. First, there is the Winter White House of Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States. During 11 visits to this location over the course of his presidency, Truman would use this house to handle sensitive delegations during his term, while enjoying the elysian paradise of Key West to cure the exhaustion of his earlier term. In fact, it was for this purpose that Truman had first settled in Key West, at the request of his physician. And fun fact, Truman liked to use an Esterbrook, too! Authors, too, took to Key West for a better, more relaxed life. Considered by many to be one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, Ernest Hemingway defined a generation of novelists with his exacting prose and almost surgical perspective at history and human nature. With his love of the outdoors and interest in Caribbean life, Key West was the perfect balance of ruggedness and laid-back lifestyle. In 1931, he purchased a house in Key West, which would become a top tourist attraction – including the famous Hemingway Cats! Later writers would soon take Hemingway’s lead and settle in Key West. A different sort of writer, Judy Blume, has split her time between her home in New York City and Kew West for the better part of her adult life. A children’s writer by trade, Blume was able to consolidate much of the confusion and angst of growing up into easily accessible books that are still popular today, nearly 60 years after first being published. Key West, it seems, has been able to inspire any sort of writer. Something about the place is an invitation for creativity! And because of this, we’re excited to dedicate the latest in our Paradise Collection to Key West. Often overlooked, but never forgotten, Key West has played an integral role in American politics and literature, and we hope this pen shows the true beauty of the region. The new additions to the Paradise Collection include Key Lime and Purple Passion. These two pens feature a contrasting finial on each for a subtle pop of color (Key Lime has a purple finial, and the reverse for Purple Passion). As with other JR models, we use a Jowo nib, ranging in EF to Stub 1.1.
 Additional details are below: Gold plated logo medallion at the top, clip, ring and nib

Capped 13cm
Posted 15.5 cm
 Unposted 12 cm

Material – turned acrylic with high polishing
Cartridge and converter fill
Turned pearlescent acrylic with accented finial
 Cap can be posted for true balance
 Jowo gold plated nib – EF, F, M, B & Stub 1.1 

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