Esterbrook Holders Customer Comments"I have been a customer at Fahrney's for more than 40 years - never disappointed." - Verified Buyer, Oct '21

Esterbrook Pen & Page Holders

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BEE BOOKISH Our busy little brass bee is an extra hand to hold your pages while you pen your journals, filling them with your thoughts and crafting your story. Bees are incredible thinkers with an amazing ...
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Esterbrook introduces Patience: The newest addition to their desk accessories collection.  It will be your new desk buddy, friend, and confidant. Oh, and most importantly, a pen rest! The antique brass ...
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Esterbrook Book Page Holder Journalers, we heard you loud and clear. Those pesky pages of yours kept turning and flipping while you were cutting. gluing or in mid - sentence while writing. Avid ...