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Gifts for Him

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The gorgeous La Grande Bellezza Arco limited edition is another design innovation by Dante del Vecchio, inspired by the colors of celluloid pens made in the 1930s. One of the classic color patterns was known as ...

Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen

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The Esterbrook Estie collection pays tribute to the brand’s storied history with standard size fountain pen models in vintage-style acrylic resins, and one oversized, or Senior model, in black. The Estie ...

Pilot E95S Special Edition Fountain Pen

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Released as part of Pilot's 95th anniversary celebrations - hence the name - the new Pilot E95S (Elite 95 Short) is a nod to popular Japanese designs of a previous era with the elegant, stream-lined look of a ...

Pelikan M815 Metal Striped Fountain Pen

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The special edition Souverän M815 Metal Striped series captivates and offers a new level of sophistication. The solid brass barrel is adorned with shiny black lacquer that creates a beautiful surface - a ...
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ECRIDOR RACING Automotive design at your fingertips. The Ecridor racing is the first Ecridor model to exhibit completely black bodywork and it mirrors the sleek lines of automotive design. Swiss made from ...
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  The Corsair flies again thanks to Retro 51! Here’s the newest member of Retro 51’s Antique Metalsmith series honoring the classic aircraft of WWII. The Vought F4U Corsair was ...
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Retro 51 presents the Vintage Metalsmith Tornado rollerball, the P-51 Mustang - a tribute to the WWII classic airplane. The P-51 Mustang is finely crafted in solid metal that is acid etched to produce ...

Retro 51 Corsair Fountain Pen

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  The Corsair flies again thanks to Retro 51! Here’s the newest member of Retro 51’s Antique Metalsmith series honoring the classic aircraft of ...
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Many of our customers love writing with clear ‘demonstrator’ fountain pens where you get to see your ink level and the inner workings of the pen. Laban takes the transparent trend to the next level ...
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The Kaweco SketchUp clutch pencil features Kaweco's signature octagonal barrel in solid metal for a robust and sturdy feel. Perfect for sketching, writing and drawing, SketchUp holds 5.6mm lead (fits 5.4 - 5.7mm ...
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Fahrney’s is always excited to present the new limited edition collectibles by William Henry Studio. The seamless integration of natural materials and state-of-the-art alloys is a hallmark of its work ...
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Cross engineering and craftsmanship come together to bring authentic Scuderia Ferrari racing design details to the iconic Townsend profile, creating the ultimate collectible for Ferrari enthusiasts. The newest ...
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Let man’s best friend guard your favorite pen! Back in the early 1950s, Kaweco’s dog-loving owner chose the German Shepherd to be the brand’s mascot, symbolizing reliability and loyalty. Our new ...
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Smooth lines, a streamlined body. Feel the legacy of the Zeppelin and give height to your narratives. Diplomat writing instruments have been crafted using traditional methods since 1922. A combination of ...

Rhodla 5 x 8 Flip-Top Hard Cover Dot Webnotepad

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The new Rhodia Flip-Top Webbie notepad is a great writing partner on the go. The Webnotebook (nicknamed “Webbie”) offers super-smooth, fountain pen-friendly, 90g French-milled paper. Its hard-bound ...
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The Retro Tornado Dmitri 1.15 MM Pencil features a Twist-top and 1.15 mm lead, with huge eraser.  Dmitri is perfect for scientific minds, printed in bright colors with the Periodic Table of the Elements and ...
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Introducing the Loclen Electa. The short cap is threaded, with matching threads at both ends so it can be posted securely when writing; which makes it the perfect EDC or every day carry pen. Windows cut into the ...
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Kaweco rolls the dice! Kaweco rolls out a new pen holder that we just can’t resist! The solid block of anodized aluminum is machined in the cube shape of a dice, but instead of pips on each side there are ...

Dalvey Sport Compass Large

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Redesigned to incorporate contemporary detailing and features, the Dalvey Sport Compass makes a stunning impression. Encased in a robust, ergonomic fob design, engineered from highly polished stainless steel. ...
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Retro 51 features a redesigned nib on its new Stealth Tornado Fountain Pen! Retro kicks off its latest fountain pen collections with a very exciting feature – an all-new German-made nib! Fountain pen ...

Rhodia Pad Holder With Pad And Pen Loop 6 X 8 3/4

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Finally - a cover to fit the pad! Sturdy, lightly-grained leatherette pad holders come complete with a Rhodia pad and inner pocket for notes and cards. Reusable covers have the Rhodia logo embossed on the front. ...
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