Item Reviews for: Officina Brushed Chrome Rollerball  -  101903S
Officina Brushed Chrome Rollerball
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Pretty darn nice, but not perfect

By: Harry from Kandahar AB, Afghanistan, although I normally live in North Carolina      Submitted: 6/19/2012


Overall Well made, but...I did have to get out my tools and do some adjusting. I'm a gunsmith, and can be quite anal about things being lined up (called regulating in gunsmithing), and I had to play with the cap to get to where the clip lined up with the nib when screwed on. Trivial, I know! Well designed, but lacking in a few minor areas. I own the "micrometer" version, and the knurling is put on the pen in some sort of reverse method. Instead of the feel of fine checkering, with a raised surface to give your fingers purchase, the knurling is stamped into the metal, giving the look of fine checkering, but no tangible grip. For my other gripe, see below Not too bad, but...When you remove the cap to screw it onto the back of the pen (posting the cap) the threads are not tapered in any way, insuring that you have to take a moment to line up the cap before you screw it down, and if for any reason you're in a hurr, forget about it! This is not a high priced pen. For a relatively small outlay, you get a fountain pen with some flair and class. What don't you get? Well, you're stuck with plastic refills for the pen. You get a decent, but not great steel nib. But, I think the thing that is most lacking when you buy this pen is a noticable chunk missing from your bank account. Really good pen for the price point. What is your opinion of the quality of this item? Am I glad I bought it? Yeah, it's a fun pen to pull out and use. It's not as classy as my Pelikan, but it's not a run-of-the-mill-bought-at-the-stationary-store sort of pen. I rather like it!