Montblanc Special Edition John F Kennedy Ballpoint Pen
review title:

My favorite Montblanc

By: Mike B.      Submitted: 3/27/2020


Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? This pen is stunning and is a fine tribute to the legendary JFK. The dark navy blue precious resin is flawless and very smooth to the touch. Metal surfaces are all plated in platinum and contrast beautifully with the dark resin The pen is somewhat large in diameter so It may take some getting used to by those with smaller hands. The pen is perfectly balanced and the workmanship is typical Montblanc, in other words, exceptional. I own a number of Montblanc pens and this one has become my favorite. Worth every penny of the purchase cost. A word of warning to pen lovers...only purchase this pen from a authorized Montblanc retailer like Fahrney Pens. There are counterfeit versions of this pen for sale at much lower prices on the internet and these are poor copies of the original. You get what you pay for so buyer beware.