Item Reviews for: Laban Rainbow Fountain Pen  -  122766S
Laban Rainbow Fountain Pen
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Shimmering Beauty in Pearl and Purple

By: PenAndInkAddict from Pretty Prairie, KS USA      Submitted: 8/3/2014


Overall I took advantage of Fahrney's "Found it for less" offer and they matched the price. I thought it would take several days for that to happen, but Fahrney's approved the lower price I found on another site very quickly. Quality is outstanding on the Laban Rainbow Pearl. From the two-tone nib, to the two-tone pearlescent body (that shows the white pearl in facets yet has a perfectly round barrel), to the silver trim, and the embossed laurel wreath & L medallion on the cap, the Laban Rainbow Pearl is stunning. The Fine Nib lays down a more delicate line than the German Fine Nibs. That gives me more choice in my writing results based on my need. The Laban is a little larger than my other fountain pens and a bit heavier, but the balance is good (I never post the cap on any pen when I write). I have a little trouble getting the ink to flow when I first start to write so I'm currently trying a wetter ink. That seems to help. I understand it is not unusual for some inks to perform better in some pens than in others so it is necessary to experiment to discover what works for each pen. That's part of the mastery process so I don't find it a problem. The nib writes smoothly and consistently once I get it going. Since it uses the Standard International Ink Cartridge, there are a lot of ink options. I do flush cartridges and fill them with my favorite inks for even more color choice. I like the way ink feeds from a cartridge. I feel cartridges work better than converters and since I fill both with a syringe, there is no disadvantage in refilling a cartridge. The cartridge is easier to flush. There are a lot of attractive details on this pen. It was a good value for the price I paid. What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I purchased this several months ago and have kept ink in it since the day it was delivered. I do flush the pen using the J. Herbin Pen Flush each time I finish a cartridge. I'm glad the Laban Rainbow Pearl is part of my pen collection.