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Laban Abalone Fountain Pen
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Surpassed my expectations!

By: Joseph S.      Submitted: 10/3/2020


Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I really didn't know what to expect. There is not much about this pen or manufacturer. I took the plunge and I'm glad that I did. I do like big heavy pens. This I would say covers it. It fits great in the hand; very comfortable to use. Posted it is top heavy but with larger hands it may not be too bad. Writing... It writes great! I have 14,18, 21k nibs that don't write this well. Really one of the smoothest but enough feedback to feel paper and what the pen is doing. Another thing I like about it is that it has a large "sweet spot". I take a lot of notes and when you pick it and write, you don't need to figure out the best positioning for writing. I would recommend this pen if you like heavy pens.