Platinum Kanazawa Matsu-Tora Pine tree/Tiger 3776 Century Fountain Pen
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A Pride of My Collection

By: Dan from Washington DC      Submitted: 8/10/2019


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Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? Bought this in person the other day. It’s wonderful. The salesman knew his stuff, taught me stuff even after all the research I did on my own. Weight is slightly lighter than my LAMY 2000, but feels less due to great balance. Nib writes somewhere between my LAMY studio 14k and my Twisbi. Aka, constant flow, great continuous writing, but a tiny bit scratchy compared to “butter smooth” gold nibs. The art itself is worth it. You can feel it in your grip and see it change as you write and the light finds new layers to glint off of.