Parker Ingenuity Slim Black Lacquer 5th Technology Pen
review title:

Beautiful pen... short-lived life!

By: GracesPens from Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA      Submitted: 10/1/2012


Overall As most Parker pens, this is a sturdy and good looking pen. It is well made and appears that it can withstand some daily abuse. The pen is well designed but a bit top heavy when posted. The ink flow is smooth and the black color is dark and bold while the blue color is vibrant and snappy. I love the look of the ink. This pen has the advantage of being "brand new" each time the refill is replaced. Its disadvantage is that the refill is very SHORT-LIVED! The point accommodates to your writing style (wears away at pressure point) and runs out of ink quickly. It lasts me as long as only one regular cartridge of ink on a fountain pen. No. At the high price of $7-$8 per refill... this pen is only good for an occasional signature or quick note. I cannot use it for any sort of extended writing... Too expensive and tedious to know you need a replacement handy at all times! What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I have the pen only to say that, yes, I have it and I've tried it... Not one of my "go to" pens. On the other hand, when the refill is full, the ink goes on smooth and the blue color is delightful.