Item Reviews for: Pilot Vanishing Point Gold Trim Fountain Pen  -  160585
Pilot Vanishing Point Gold Trim Fountain Pen
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Wonderful To Use!

By: V Winteringham      Submitted: 4/20/2019


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Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I have used Vanishing Point fountain pens for many years. I just adore them - particularly because the entire nib section can be swapped out. I'm going to change all of my medium and fine nibs to stubs, which I love because they're not too broad, as stubs often are. I am also sending this particular pen, which I just received from Fahrney's, as a gift to someone who admired one of mine. Tricky. She's a non-fountain pen user and filling is unique to this pen. There's the whole sleeve thing if you use cartridges and then you have to line up the little bump with the little notch if you fill from a bottle. Well, I'm going to tell her to google some how-to videos and cross my fingers. I think the Vanishing Point is a wonderful gift, but I'm an ardent fountain pen user. Hopes she likes it.