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Visconti Special Van Gogh Rollerball Gift Box
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Color not as shown. Quality pen.

By: Oregon Mechanical Pencil lover (and pen lover)      Submitted: 12/9/2021


Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? This is a high quality pen, but I really am disappointed with the pen color. I bought Orchard/Pastel. The color of my pen is mostly grey. There are several shades of grey. Maybe 5% pale blue. 10% pink. 5% yellow. 80% pale to darker grey. Definitely not what was shown on the website & in the catalog. I like the rose gold. It’s overall a masculine look. The pen quality is high, but when I chose a pen like this it was for quality plus appearance. I got a quality pen in a color I dislike. It is different from other pens I own. The pen color represents the colors of the painting on the box.