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Pineider Metropolis Fountain Pen
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A very impressive pen!

By: banjomike      Submitted: 5/9/2021


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Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I have used fountain pens exclusively for over 35 years, and I own some very expensive pens. The Pineider Metropolis I just received knocked my socks off. It's simply the best buy I've had yet in this price range. For me, it all comes down to how comfortable a pen is and how smoothly it writes. Only my personal best pens have ever shown me their best qualities on the first writing session, and the Metropolis wrote perfectly right out of the box for over 3 hours straight. Great nib, great balance, great weight, and great modern design. It's a masterpiece of design and construction. I couldn't find a single item that was unsatisfactory. That's unusual in a pen that's priced so well. And it looks and feels like it is indestructible.