Monteverde Special Edition Ritma Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen
review title:

As close to right as I've seen in a pen under $200

By: MK      Submitted: 2/4/2022


Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? Monteverde got this one almost right! I've been comparing pens from a lot of manufacturers over the years and this pen is just about the best I've found. The balance and feel are excellent, the fit and finish are beautiful and the ink lays beautifully from the extra fine nib. I have two small quibbles: 1) for some reason, Monteverde decided not to use their excellent screw-in converter, instead opting for push-on and 2) the clip is just spring steel and very tight. If only they had used the screw-in converter and a spring-loaded pocket clip, this could be the bargain pen of the decade.