Item Reviews for: Cross Tech 3 Plus Lacquer Multi-Function Pen  -  310275S
Cross Tech 3 Plus Lacquer Multi-Function Pen
Almost perfect! Addicted to the Cross Tech line!
By: Elizabeth (Lizzie) from Halfway to Poughkeepsie      Submitted: 5/14/2017


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Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? Truly this product is wonderful. I have two Tech 2s,converted to 2+, and one 3. I wish the 3 came in more colors. The multiple writing options are useful, and with Cross you can always depend on the quality. I'm tempted to pick up another since I got mine at full price. The only reason that I did give it full stars is that I've had trouble with the pencil. I've dropped, washed, and/or just worn out the pencil works and it's very frustrating not to have that part working. Cross' General quality warranty does not extend to free repairs, and anyway that means giving it up for awhile. (BTW Sorry about typos/autocorrect issues :composing thus on a smartphone means I can't see the field I'm typing in most of the time here.) Oh, and about refills: Cross seems to have the best quality, Monteverdi apparel offers fine points and more colors but mixed quality, and the jury is still out regarding Levenger.
An excellent new product from Cross
By: GES from Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA      Submitted: 4/6/2016


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What is your opinion of the quality of this item? This multipen is a pleasure to have and use.
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