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Pilot Push-Button Piston Converter
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Pilot Con-70 converter

By: lduvall from Annapolis, MD      Submitted: 11/26/2014


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Overall I bought my Pilot Justus 95 earlier this year. For such a nice pen, it was disappointing when the converter started blowing bubbles (actually sucking bubbles), rather than filling as it was supposed to. I had read that other folks have had the con-70 fail early as well (after buying the pen). I was rather surprised that one of the comments by Farhney's staff was "it is after 30 days" when I was explaining the problem. (Not the best way to try and sell moderately pricey pens in the future - at least to me. quibbling over a $6 part.) The converter does not live up to the price charged for the pen. I ordered two con-70s and the smaller, and probably more reliable screw converter, as well as a box of cartridges. What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I can't speak very highly of the aerometric / pump con-70. It has a nice capacity, but it also has a problem of early failure. Short-term