Item Reviews for: Kaweco Classic Special Black Matte Pencil  -  70126S
Kaweco Classic Special Black Matte Pencil
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Best pencil ever!

By: Richard Schwartz      Submitted: 3/2/2020


Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? Where in the world have I been for these last many decades? This pencil is absolutely THE BEST. As to why it took me so long to buy it, I don't know. I really don't. I normally use the .7 mm thickness and have always liked that thickness of lead. But oh my, this pencil looks great, it feels comfortable, writes nicely even with some pressure, and the lead stays intact! Go figure, and the clip is at the perfect place in my pocket as well. I used to chase around the house for a pencil, but, no longer!! Thank you Kaweco for producing this pencil, and Fahrney's for making it available! Great shipping too!