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Kaweco Student Decades Fountain Pen
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Very classy pen!

By: Carol Petersen      Submitted: 8/20/2020


Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I wonder how many people pass by this pen because Kaweco called it a "Student pen". That would be a shame, as this is a sturdy, well-constructed pen with a look and feel of a sophisticated writing instrument. It has the usual flawless Kaweco nib, and is well-balanced, with no need to post, as it is a generous size. I own all three, but the orange is still my favorite and I don't even LIKE orange, but could not resist the beauty of this great pen.
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Good value pen, smooth

By: Evans      Submitted: 2/23/2020


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What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I purchased one of these in January 2020 in the fountain pen style at Fahrney’s Washington, DC store. I’ve been very pleased with the feel, writing quality, appearance and cost of the pen. I think of it as a medium sized pen that can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter hand size. It’s a very comfortable fit in the hand, and writes smoothly. I enjoy using it. I think it’s a great choice for occasional or everyday use for a student or anyone who appreciates utility, overall appearance, and a splash of cheerful yet understated color. Not only do I enjoy the pen, I appreciate the staff at Fahrney’s. They’re patient as I shop and look at the options, and always very helpful.