Yard-O-Led Grand Viceroy Barley Sterling Fountain Pen
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By: Fruity      Submitted: 4/10/2021


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Overall What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I’ve used plenty of fountain pens and many of them have come close to perfection. This one? This one has finally nailed it. Completely. Even though it’s heavy and I have relatively tiny and delicate hands, I’m not at all bothered by the heft. The balance is spot on. The ink flow (bought a medium) is just a touch rich if writing normally and a little dry in reverse—and both directions are about as smooth as the other—which astonishes me and is truly a first in my experience. I’m dumbfounded. There isn’t a single thing about this pen that I could possibly whine about. It’s not even a pen, it’s some kind of occult implement. Which explains why I have no intention of slapping my initials—or anything so pedestrian—in the space on the cap reserved for engraving. Oh no. I’m going to an engraver and getting a magical sigil put on it. That’s the only thing that would suit.