Item Reviews for: Pelikan Souveran K600 Ballpoint Pen  -  K600S
Pelikan Souveran K600 Ballpoint Pen
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One of the Finest

By: Ken from Rocky Hill, CT      Submitted: 12/10/2014


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Overall This is one of the finest pens I have every purchased and my friends want to know were I purchased it. The design is very sleek! Very good The value and performance are great. What is your opinion of the quality of this item? One of the best pens, I have received.
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What a wonderful writing instrument!

By: Harry from Kandahar AB, Afghanistan, but normally live in North Carolina      Submitted: 6/17/2012


Top notch quality. When you twist the top to extend or retract the pen, it almost feels as though there is a hydraulic mechanism assisting you Clean, and beautiful. I have the green, and love the way the light plays with the alternating green and black stripes. What can I say, wonderful yes, it is not a cheap pen, but you do get what you pay for. This is a pen first, and a piece of "bling" only second. So many pens, watches, etc. are designed to be beautiful works of art, and the function is only thrown in at the end of the design process. Not so here. What is your opinion of the quality of this item? I bought this pen many years ago, and bought the fountain pen to match. When I put on a suit, I don't feel fully dressed until one or both are in my pocket. (Needless to say, I left them at home, as they don't lend themselves to a gun shop in Afghanistan!)