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Book Write Now By B. Getty and I. Dubay
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Wonderful book

By: Darrell Stoner from Afton, Tennessee, USA      Submitted: 10/18/2014


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Overall Overall quality is good for a paperback volume. I am glad it was paperback. It made it easier to fold open so that I could use my printer to copy the practice sheets in the back of the book. Made practice on a flat surface so much easier Yes, I believe so. For an instructional book it could have been a little cheaper in price. But the content for the price was good. What is your opinion of the quality of this item? Excellent. I write short stories in longhand before transferring the m to my computer. My penmanship is good as long as I write slow. However, as I get on a roll for dialog in my stories, I tend to write faster trying to keep up with my thoughts. As a result, it makes it hard to read my own writing. Using the techniques found in the book, and practicing the techniques, I find I can write faster and cleaner. Good. Easy to follow and understand Its function being to teach, it does well. As I mentioned, I already am benefitting from the exercises by being able to write not only faster, but far more legible than in the past.