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    Amodex Ink and Stain Remover Frequently Asked Questions
    Amodex Ink and Stain Remover works! Here are some frequently asked questions and responses that have been compiled by our friends at Amodex to help address any concerns you may have.

    General Use Questions
    Q. Is Amodex safe to use on old stains?
    A. Yes, Amodex customers tell say they have great success removing old stains even when they don't know what caused the stain). Simply apply Amodex, rub in well and allow to sit overnight, then rinse or toss into a regular laundry load.

    Q. Can I use Amodex as a pre-wash spot treatment?
    A. Certainly. Pretreat the stain with Amodex (even if you aren't sure what caused it), rub in well, then launder or rinse.

    Q. Can Amodex only be used on Fabrics?
    A. No, in addition to garments, Amodex is safe to use on upholstery, carpeting, draperies, and surfaces such as Formica and wood.

    Q. Can I use Amodex on dry cleanable clothing and delicate fabrics?
    A. Absolutely! Amodex's unusual soap formula is safe to use on most dry cleanable fabrics such as cashmere, wool and silk. Simply apply Amodex to the stain, rub in well, rinse and air dry.

    Q. Will using Amodex remove fabric color?
    A. No, Amodex should not remove the color. We do advise that you test your fabric for colorfastness as some fabric dyes are less stable.

    Q. If the stained area turns yellow after applying Amodex, What should I do?
    A. Since Amodex is a soap formula, it must be rinsed. It's sometimes difficult to tell if you've thoroughly rinsed treated areas such as upholstery or carpeting. Yellowing is simply dried Amodex residue. Re-rinse the area and the yellowing will disappear.

    Q. Is Amodex only for ink stains?
    A. Amodex successfully removes both water-based (wine, coffee, tea, etc) and greasy stains (salad dressing, mustard, balsamic vinegar) and even curry! The only stains we know Amodex will not remove are rust and mildew.

    Q. If I find a stain while doing laundry, and do not know what caused it, is it safe to use Amodex on it?
    A. Sure! Many of the stains on our removal list came from customer success stories. Our motto for stain removal is, "When in doubt, try it out!"

    Q. What should I do if I get a stain while I am not around Amodex to treat right away?
    A. Nothing, don't even apply water which sometimes sets a stain. Amodex will remove stains that have been there for weeks provided nothing else was applied.

    Q. Do I need to launder a garment separately after treating it with Amodex?
    A. No, you can launder any Amodex-treated garments in a regular laundry load. We recommend using warm or cold water and your everyday detergent.

    Q. When I apply Amodex to a berry stain, it turns blue. What should I do?
    A. The color change is simply a reaction to the berry enzymes. Just rub the Amodex well into the stain and it will disappear.

    Q. Do I need to completely remove a stain before I launder the garment?
    A. No, just rub the Amodex until the stain lightens significantly. Laundering will remove the residue. For grass stains, simply rub Amodex in enough to break down the stain. Laundering will finish the job!

    Q. Since Amodex must be rinsed, How do I avoid leaving a watermark on fine fabric?
    A. After rinsing the area, we recommend drying the fabric with a hair dryer. Continue gently rubbing the area with your finger nail to evenly distribute the heat.

    Q. Does Amodex remove color run in the laundry?
    A. Yes, when color runs from a garment on to other clothing, apply Amodex liberally to the fabric while it is still wet. DO NOT DRY THE GARMENTS! Rub in well until the stains lighten, then re-launder.

    Q. Since Amodex is a non-toxic, liquid soap formula, how do I obtain a copy of the MSDS?
    A. For your convenience, simply click here for our MSDS.

    Ink Related Questions

    Q. Am I able to use Amodex to remove stains on things other than clothing?
    A. Absolutely. Amodex removes ink stains from finished wood, carpeting, upholstery, and many other surfaces.

    Q. Should I apply alcohol or hairspray to an ink stain before treating with Amodex?
    A. Both of those products and many others set ink. The best thing to do is nothing until you treat the stain with Amodex.

    Q. Can I still use Amodex if I do not know what kind of ink stain I have?
    A. Yes, Amodex is safe to use on all inks and ink colors including ballpoint, rollerball, felt tip, fountain pen ink, permanent and dry erase markers and more.

    Q. Am I able to use Amodex to remove ink from the dryer drum?
    A. Yes, because Amodex in a liquid soap, it contains nothing abrasive and will not scratch the surface. Simply apply it to a damp rag, rub well, and wipe.

    Q. How soon must I treat a stain with Amodex before it is set?
    A. Time is not an issue with an ink stain. Stain can be there for weeks and Amodex will still work, provided nothing else is applied to the stain.

    Q. My child just wrote on our couch with Sharpie and I have no Amodex in the house. Should I apply something else to the stain?
    A. No, do not apply anything to a stain, not even water. Ink sets easily and when something else is applied it reduces Amodex's effectiveness.

    Q. What is the best way to remove heavy marks from floors or other porous surfaces? (ie. marker, tar, scuff marks, etc.)
    A. The easiest way to remove stains from porous surfaces such as flooring (wood, linoleum, tile, etc.) is to coat the stain with Amodex and leave it on overnight. This allows Amodex to penetrate the surface and pull up the residue. Then, wipe clean with a damp rag. Use this same process for DVD's and CD's only leave the Amodex on for 24-48 hours.

    Q. Is it safe to use Amodex to remove Sharpie from electronics?
    A. Amodex does not "officially" recommend use on such expensive equipment. However, countless customers have successfully removed ink stains from their electronic equipment.

    Q. There was a pen in the pocket of a garment in the laundry that leaked all over the wash. When I took out the load most of the garments had ink spots all over them. Is there any hope of saving any pieces or do I have to throw the load away?
    A. Absolutely yes. Treat each ink spot with Amodex and rub in well. Then relaunder. Different fabrics absorb ink dye at different intensities. Some of the stains will come out easily, others may take two or three applications. Be sure to treat the stains while the garments are still wet. If you accidentally ran the load through the dryer odds are 50-50 the stains will still come out. Remember: Be patient and keep at it.