Dupont Fountain Pens

    • Dupont Line D Lacquer Fountain Pen
      Like the Parisian palace and the famous avenue for which it is named, the S.T. Dupont Elysee Lacquer fountain pen is a quintessentially French creation. Elysee is the new standard from the French luxury goods ...
      $531.00 - $578.00
      From  $531.00      $623.93
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    • Dupont Limited Edition Premium Shoot The Moon Fountain Pen
      S.T. Dupont pays tribute to the famous Author Jules Verne and its novel From the Earth to the Moon written in 1865, with this exceptional new limited edition, Shoot The Moon. This book is part of 'the voyages ...
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      Price$2,450.00Save:$490.00 (20%)
      $1,960.00      $2,303.00
    • Dupont Streamline R Fountain Pen
      S.T. Dupont has combined French excellence with legendary 1930s' American design to create a new luxury pen: the Streamline-R. Sure to thrill connoisseurs of art and the art of writing, the collection combines a ...
      Price$990.00Save:$545.00 (55%)
      $445.00      $522.88
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    • Dupont Conquest of the Wild West Premium Fountain Pen
      The Old West. The source of a million stories, and the start of the American Dream: that fame and fortune awaited those who made the journey across the desert. At its heart was a single image: the pioneer on ...
      $1,575.00      $1,850.63
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    • Dupont Atelier Line D Chinese Lacquer Fountain Pen
      The Line D Atelier Chinese Lacquer series is among the finest that La Maison S.T. Dupont has to offer. Delving into its archives and working closely with its master lacquerers, Dupont was inspired to recreate its ...
      $1,115.00      $1,310.13
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    • Dupont Fire Head Line D Fountain Pen
      The new Dupont Fire Head Collection - the Birth of a New Iconic Design, is a tribute to the universal symbol of fire. A triangle made of 6 triangular facets, this new pattern is velvety to the touch, contrasting ...
      $788.00      $925.90
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    • Dupont Atelier Line D Medium Sun Burst Fountain Pen
      In 2015, S.T. Dupont re-released a cult collection of natural lacquer pens and lighters called Atelier, an identical reproduction of past models incorporating the unique ancestral techniques used in its atelier in ...
      $990.00      $1,163.25
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    • Dupont Liberte Fountain Pen
      Like Lady Liberty, the new S.T. Dupont Liberté is a welcome gift from France. Designed with the fashionable woman in mind, the Liberté is crafted in elegant black or pearlescent white lacquer with precious ...
      $662.00      $777.85
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