New Rollerballs Customer Comments"Today I was just ordering Caran D'ache rollerball refills but I have looked to Fahrney's for fine pens for years. I've bought at least a dozen from the Washington DC store and several online or over the phone. Selection is first rate, service is always excellent. If you are a lover of fine writing instruments Fahrney's is your kind of place." - Verified Buyer, July '21

New Rollerballs

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Montblanc Writers Edition Arthur Conan Doyle Rollerball The Montblanc Writers Edition 2021 is dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of the most renowned crime novelists and originator of the famous British ...
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Retro 51 Tornado Classic Brass Ballpoint/Rollerball Retro 51’s Classic Tornado is joined by a new member to the family, the Brass Classic. This twist-top Classic rollerball pen with stainless-steel barrel* ...
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Chaplin Tornado Although simple in design, this rollerball is far from silent. The Chaplin Tornado’s matte white finish over a stainless-steel body with black trim would be enough to draw the eye of any ...
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Monteverde Engage Anodized Inkball  The Monteverde USA® brand was launched in 1999 with one model. Today, the brand is known and respected by aficionados all over the world for its innovative ...
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Visconti Limited Edition Opera Master Savanna Rollerball Pen  The new version of the Opera Master Savanna collection is inspired by the fascinating landscapes of the African savannah, where lions, zebras, ...
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Pineider Alchemist in volcanic zeolites! Pineider Alchemist Rollerball Pen   Aficionados will be excited to see another amazing creation from the master pen maker at Pineider, Dante del Vecchio. The ...
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Classic White Tornado - Chrome Trim   New for 2021, a beautiful white lacquer finish joins the Retro 51 Classic Tornado’s colorful line of pens. Put this rollerball in the light and watch it glow ...
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Conklin All American Limited Metal & Rainbow Rollerball  The Conklin All American Metal & Rainbow is the 1st ever All American pen release in solid metal and rainbow PVD coating.  PVD coating ...
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Lamy Special Edition Studio Black Forest Rollerball The LAMY studio black forest elegantly shows just how close design and art can be. This premium writing instrument seamlessly fuses its individual elements ...
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Lamy Closeout Al-Star Rollerball - Purple Enliven your written words with the alluring Lamy Al Star Rollerball Pen! With the lightweight and durable aluminum barrel, the Al-Star makes your daily writing ...
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Laban 986 Guilloche Rollerball Most guilloche pens are made by 2 dimensional engraving but the Laban guilloche process is 3-dimensional. After the brass body is engraved, it is painted in 2 color options ...
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Laban Mother of Pearl Rollerball There’s nothing quite as enchanting as the ever-changing iridescent colors and glistening depth of natural mother of pearl. The Mother of Pearl collection from Laban will ...
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Montblanc Limited Writers Edition Arthur Conan Doyle 1902 Rollerball The Montblanc Writers Edition 2021 is dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of the most renowned crime novelists and originator of the ...
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Pineider Arco Firefox Rollerball The gorgeous La Grande Bellezza Arco Firefox limited edition is another design innovation by Dante del Vecchio, inspired by the colors of celluloid pens made in the 1930s. One ...

Pineider UR Black Rollerball

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Pineider UR Black Rollerball Absolute novelty for 2021 for the Pineider collection is the introduction of the Avatar UR Black. With this pen Pineider breaks the tradition of shades previously present in the ...

Pineider UR Demo Black Trim Rollerball

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Avatar UR Demonstrator Collection with Black Trim Rollerball After revolutionizing the world of writing with Avatar UR, which has resolved the problem of accidental breakage once and for all with a material ...
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Monteverde 20th Anniversary Innova Rollerball Rainbow Innovation, design, and affordable luxury are the cornerstones that Monteverde USA® was founded on. The beginnings of the brand date back to 1999 in Los ...
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Diplomat Elox Ring Black/Orange Rollerball  This new pen has been created based on the DNA of the Aero but with a different, futuristic style. ELOX comes from “eloxieren” which means ...

Faber-Castell Hexo Rollerball

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Blue and Bronze Faber-Castell Hexo Rollerball We type, we swipe, we post – so what role does handwriting actually still play? Writing is a process, a creative act, perfect for the young target group of ...