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February 29th is an ephemeral ghost...A strange amazing day that comes only once every four years. For the rest of the time it does not 'exist.' In mundane terms, it marks a 'leap' in time, when the calendar is ...

Laban 325 Rollerball

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Feel like you’re sailing the high seas, hiking in the woods or basking in the sun when you write with the Laban Land & Sea pens! The large barrel is finely crafted using Italian resins in new Flame ...
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'Stylo' is the pen that is the namesake for this new collection of retractable roller ball pens from ACME.. This first pen is based on René Magritte's 'The Treachery of Images.' 'Roma' is based on the ...

Aurora Ipsilon Seasons Rollerball

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Customers love the fine Italian quality of the Aurora Ipsilon at very popular prices! The innovative line with its unmistakably shaped clip is a loyal everyday companion dedicated to those who write for work, ...
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Kick back, relax and enjoy the Lamy Al-Star in Turmaline. The Al-Star is made from lightweight, anodized aluminum with a chrome wire clip and transparent grips in smoky charcoal plastic. The fountain pen, ball pen ...

Visconti Rembrandt Revamp Rollerball

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The Rembrandt Blue Fog is a writing instrument that features pale gray swirls amidst the pens moody medium and dark blue swirled resin, ...
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Yookers Felt Tip Pen How To Maintain your felt-tip pen Cleaning your felt-tip pen    1.Unscrew the barrel from the tip section.  2.Rinse the tip by ?lling and emptying it with water ...

Kaweco Student Decades Rollerball

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Kaweco Decades Relive the past musical decades with the Kaweco 70's Soul, 60's Swing and the 50's Rock. A great pen for everyday use, the decades collection will appeal to writers of every age. It's classic ...
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The Pilot Metropolitan is a great gift and smooth writing rollerball. The new Animal collection has a patterned accent band and silver accents. This collection comes in Blue Leopard, White Tiger, Champagne Lizard, ...
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Inspired by the most famous figure of the Florentine Renaissance   – Lorenzo Il Magnifico –   the Visconti il Magnifico collection embodies the essence of the Renaissance period,  ...

Cross ATX Sandblasted Rollerball

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A contemporary and elegant rollerball pen, the Cross ATX Sandblasted Rollerball Pen, is a favorite for its streamlined and ergonomic design. The ATX Sandblasted  series is available in Dark Blue and Titanium ...