New Rollerballs Customer Comments"Fahrney's has been my first stop for all my pen needs for more than 20 years. Always dependable and courteous. I was a 'walk in' one day and asked if someone could adjust the nib on my new pen. They took care of me on the spot and I have been a customer ever since." - Verified Buyer, October '23

New Rollerballs


Leboeuf Limited Edition Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Rollerball

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The LeBoeuf Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” Limited Edition.The LeBoeuf Pen Company honors the famed author Charles Dickens and the 180th anniversary of the publication of his most famous novel, A ...
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Only few athletes are celebrated and honored as three-time Heavyweight Champion of the world, Muhammad Ali, whose legendary moments in sports and civil rights activism made him one of the most influential athletes ...

Conklin 1898 Rollerball

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The Conklin Pen Company® is proud to introduce a brand new, beautiful pen collection – Conklin 1898 in Misto™ colors. In Italian Misto means “mixed” or “mixed together”, ...
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Monteverde USA is proud to introduce its latest addition to the Mega collection - Monteverde USA Super Mega Abalone is a limited edition collection of only 999 fountain pens with stainless steel nibs and ...
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Introducing the Parker Sonnet Special Edition ‘Intrepid Journeys’, a collection based on inspirational destinations around the World. A new edition due to be launched each year, the 2023 Mt. Fuji ...
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Ravens have long held an almost mystical fascination in the human psyche. From Edgar Allen Poe to Norse mythology, depictions of ravens have long interested our storytelling. Because of this history, Esterbrook ...

Pelikan R400 Tortoiseshell-White Rollerball

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Pelikan adds a lighter, brighter touch to the writer's favorite -  Souverän 400 series. The creamy white finish is handsomely paired with a translucent, tortoise pinstripe. Shades of amber, honey and ...
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The future is here. Take a moment and enjoy the cutting edge design of the Diplomat Elox. Elox derives from “eloxieren” which means “anodize” in German and was chosen to recognize the ...
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The Expert Deluxe rollerball allows you to express your ambitions and showcase superior taste. The skillfully constructed rollerball unites the tradition of liquid ink with ultimate comfort and convenience. The ...
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The Montblanc Muses Maria Callas Special Edition is dedicated to one of the most charismatic sopranos of the 20th century and an appreciated style icon. With her talent, passion and personality, she embodied a ...
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A special issue, small-batch Limited Edition looks back on 100 years of remarkable storytelling, as we join Warner Brothers to celebrate the entertainment giant’s centenary this year. Warner Brothers. ...
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The success of Montegrappa’s James Bond 007 Spymaster Duo Limited Edition has inspired the new 007 Special Issue - an open-edition fountain pen and rollerball series that places new emphasis on ...
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Visconti is thrilled to unveil the all-new Looking East collection, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that draws its inspiration from the timeless beauty of traditional Asian architecture. In ancient Eastern ...