Platinum Limited Editions Customer Comments"I browse your print catalog and then order online. I wanted one particular item that was not available anywhere else." - Verified Buyer, Oct '20

Platinum Limited Editions

  • For its 100th year, Platinum launched the 3776 Century, a breakthrough in the company’s quest to create the ideal fountain pen. The popular series features translucent finishes with bright precious rhodium ...
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  • Platinum’s two new Izumo Yakumonuri Maki-e fountain pens feature the timeless art of urushi lacquering. Yakumo, the sea of floating clouds painted on the ceiling of Izumo Shrine, is used as a motif. The ...
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  • One of the most masterful and stunning Platinum fountain pens we’ve seen, the new Izumo Kurikara limited edition depicts the epic battle between the Japanese king Fudo Myo-o and the crafty devil. Legend has ...
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