Platinum Limited Editions

  • Platinum Limited Edition Izumo Yakumonuri Fountain Pen
    Platinum’s two new Izumo Yakumonuri Maki-e fountain pens feature the timeless art of urushi lacquering. Yakumo, the sea of floating clouds painted on the ceiling of Izumo Shrine, is used as a motif. The ...
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    $920.00      $1,081.00
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  • Platinum Limited Edition Izumo Kurikara Dragon Fountain Pen
    One of the most masterful and stunning Platinum fountain pens we’ve seen, the new Izumo Kurikara limited edition depicts the epic battle between the Japanese king Fudo Myo-o and the crafty devil. Legend has ...
    Price$1,550.00Save:$310.00 (20%)
    $1,240.00      $1,457.00
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  • Platinum Limited Edition 3776 Century Rokka Fountain Pen
    We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Fuji Shunkei series the Platinum 'Rokka'. This beautiful hexagonal design in the pen is inspired from when Mount Fuji is surrounded in snow and ice. The name ...
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