Holiday Gifts Under 300 Customer Comments"Fahrney’s Pens is reliably the best supplier of pens and accessories. I am never disappointed with their service either." - Verified Buyer, November '23

Holiday Gifts Under 300

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Diamine is pleased to launch the 2023 Winter Ink-vent Calendar, inside you will find a treasure trove of 25 Diamine inks. The Calendar has 25 doors one door to be opened each day revealing a surprise bottle of ...

Esterbrook Estie Bundle Set Fountain Pen

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From  $156.00      $183.30

Esterbrook wraps up its most popular fountain pen in a special gift set just for the holidays! The Esterbrook Estie pays tribute to the brand’s storied history with fountain pens in vintage-style acrylic ...

Conklin 1898 Rollerball

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From  $98.00      $115.15

The Conklin Pen Company® is proud to introduce a brand new, beautiful pen collection – Conklin 1898 in Misto™ colors. In Italian Misto means “mixed” or “mixed together”, ...

Fahrney's Exclusive Victorian Vertical 8-Slot Pewter Pen Stand

 Fahrney's Exclusive
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From  $180.00      $211.50

Take your pens out of your desk drawer and display them in elegant style! Our multi-pen holders are very popular for those who want to keep their favorites within easy reach. A replica of a Victorian design, the ...

Pelikan Souveran K400 Ballpoint Pen

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From  $248.00      $291.40

Always a superb choice for outstanding writing performance, the Pelikan Souveran K400 Ballpoint Pen is for those who prefer a medium-sized barrel. The Souvern K400 is designed to feel comfortable in your hand, and ...

Pelikan Special Edition Classic 200 Pastel-Blue Fountain Pen

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From  $232.00      $272.60

The Classic Series 200 fascinates by its soft pastel-blue appearance, reminding of the open blue sky. The delicate, light blue hue alternates through the pearl effect in the material, resulting in ever new color ...

Pelikan Special Edition M205 Rose Quartz Fountain Pen w/Ink Set

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From  $224.00      $263.20

In color psychology, the shade rosé stands for romance and caring. With this emotional background, this ink color is a perfect match for personal, handwritten messages. The natural gemstone rose quartz ...
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From  $120.00      $141.00

A new model featuring modern Maki-e design will be released from the PROCYON LUSTER, a new fountain pen series suitable for adults. Named after the brightest star in the Canis Minor constellation, the PROCYON pen ...
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From  $164.00      $192.70

Caran D'ache Metal Sharpening Machine Red Since 1933, the Caran d’Ache sharpener has been a favorite tool of generations of schoolchildren, artists and lovers of writing. The Swiss-made, solid metal ...

LeBoeuf Limited Edition Theodore Roosevelt Fountain Pen

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Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars.
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From  $172.00      $202.10

LeBoeuf Limited  Edition Theodore Roosevelt Fountain Pen The LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Co. honors the 26th U.S. President with the release of the Theodore Roosevelt Limited Edition. Serving as president ...
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From  $148.00      $173.90

Israel is a sacred land that represents spiritual and religious identity. It is not just a country but a symbol of important cultural values of national and universal significance to its people. 75 years ago on ...

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars.
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From  $223.00      $262.03

Included in almost every European collection of modern design, the Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen still offers the style, comfort and performance that have made it popular since its introduction in 1973. Gerd A. ...
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From  $215.00      $252.63

This cherry wood multi-level pen storage case elevates any desk or office space. Featuring 3 velour lined levels, including a top tray and 2 drawers, to be used for storing your prized pen collection. The glass ...
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From  $212.00      $249.10

Monteverde USA is proud to introduce its latest addition to the Mega collection - Monteverde USA Super Mega Abalone is a limited edition collection of only 999 fountain pens with stainless steel nibs and ...

Sailor Special Edition 1911S Jellyfish Fountain Pen

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From  $260.00      $305.50

Jellyfish drift along ocean currents in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes. They are colorful and often bioluminescent, moving in gentle, fluid ways that we find peaceful and captivating. It’s this ...
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From  $208.00      $244.40

An artistic signature for everyone. Here is the outstanding gift brought to you by Caran d’Ache through its Caran d’Ache + Keith Haring Special Edition. An inter-generational and symbolic collection ...

Pilot E95S Special Edition Fountain Pen

Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars.
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From  $144.00      $169.20

Released as part of Pilot's 95th anniversary celebrations - hence the name - the new Pilot E95S (Elite 95 Short) is a nod to popular Japanese designs of a previous era with the elegant, stream-lined look of a ...
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From  $135.00      $158.63

Display up to 12 favorite pens in our handsome rosewood lacquered case. Wide, velvet-lined slots and a glass lid allow you to admire your collection on your desk or dresser. Also in black/grey finish.  ...
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From  $99.00      $116.33

The LAMY Studio Rose Matte elegantly shows how close design and art can be. This premium writing instrument seamlessly fuses its individual elements with its convex cylindrical form while simultaneously ...
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From  $152.00      $178.60

Designed with assertiveness in mind, Parker Ingenuity’s sophisticated styling and luxury finishes satisfy the demanding needs of masters in their field who leverage every possible detail to ensure their ...
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From  $147.20      $172.96

Parker 51 Premium w/Engraved Cap Fountain Pen The Parker 51 Premium is a re-imagining of the iconic classic first introduced in 1941. The original took the world by storm and this modern take is equally as ...
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